Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Golden Globes

So I watched the Golden Globe Awards Monday night and was pleasantly surprised to see Brokeback Mountain win for best drama and best director. Too bad Heath Ledger didn't win best actor. I was also happy that Walk The Line won and that Joaquin Phoenix won. I loved that movie. It's about Johnny Cash and Phoenix portrayed Cash and even did his own singing. Oh yes, Reese Witherspoon won as well. Very cool.

One thing that pissed me off was when Dennis Quaid was introducing the Brokeback Mountain segment he made a horrible comment. He said something about it being a type of movie that rhymes with Chick Flick. The only possible thing I can think of is Dick Flick and if that's the case then that's horrible. The movie was very tastefully done and to undermine it in that way is just downright rude. Quaid seemed a little homophobic to me. Why bother making a comment like that? It pissed me off. It was definitely in poor taste.

Today I went with my mom to Peoria. It's my older sister's birthday. We went to this italian restaurant called Avanti's. It was pretty good. They have great bread there. But happy birthday Monica!

Love to all.


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makes one wonder if quaid saw the

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