Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong, Ding Dong

Yesterday I went to see King Kong, the new one. It was depressing as hell. There were parts that were exciting with beasts chasing people and all that but overall the depressing parts overtook the movie. Adrien Brody is in the movie and he is a fabulous actor (see The Pianist) so it had that going for it. Jack Black is usually funny but is an ass in this movie. Naomi Watts is the perfect blonde damsel in distress. So I sat there for three hours wondering, why am I sitting here? The popcorn was good.

News from the graduate application front, I have nine done and one to go. Unfortunately I can't finish it because they don't have the forms on the internet. I have to wait for them to come in the mail. ugh. This is Minnesota State University. Do I really want to go there anyway? It might be the only place I get into so I suppose I better apply.

Here's a funny poem today from a wonderful poet and my professor, Rebecca Wee. Be forewarned there's a bad word, oh no! :)

A Few Words on Penis Envy

I cannot believe you
believed this, did you
perhaps spend multiple boyhood hours
wishing for a delicate slit

of your own? Did you crave
such a private inside
space, something more subtle
than your own public

divining rod, twitching
with swollen sexual weather,
the public intonations
suddenly grown

obvious? Could it be, Sig,
you so wanted a cunt
with its quiet serious strength
that you could not sleep

and so one night fashioned
this curious notion, this cockeyed
conceit that dangles, silly,
in our hands?

From Rebecca Wee’s book “Uncertain Grace”.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed that. Off to the shower I must go.


Blogger carol said...

sarah, you get "mad props" for the usage of a rebecca work within your first poems. and more madness for the concept- the world needs it, you're right on.

wanna be blogged buddies?

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there can never be too many poems
for our technologically dominated

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

most lives are a mixed blessing for
the rest of us. where would the science of the mind be today if freud had not discovered the unconscious when he did. since the
the concepts of the collective conscious and preconscious have had a profound effect on literature. as also has the concept of the unconscious. while certainly forward looking, freud was still a creature of his time and suffered from the sexism prevalent then. looking back one can find racism in shakespeare and
anti-semitism in pound.

9:09 AM  

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