Saturday, December 17, 2005

Housewarming/Christmas Party

Today Matthew (my husband) and I are hosting a housewarming/Christmas party! Hope everything goes smoothly. We invited about 50 people and I'm frightened they will all come. But if they do, they do.

We finally purchased the house we live in a couple months ago. It's a big house with about 4-5 bedrooms. 2 1/2 bathrooms. Nice kitchen, etc. You get the picture.

Today I am posting an older poem of mine called Shunyata. Hope everyone likes it.


Shunyata, a key philosophical term of
Mahayana Buddhism, is usually translated
as the emptiness or openness of all things.

One event can mold
a necessary newness:

a glass of water evaporating,

a rubber wheel, one of twenty,

a slender finger, ivory, one of ten,

Winter comes
but sun shines on us,

a nuclear fix
to melt us into reason.

We are one, drawn into the mine
always resurfacing

to find the redness,
the diamond of yesterday.

Our golden cross on the horizon—
Godless, Jesusless, because

we know where emptiness chewed
and swallowed.

This love,
just a glance into the grandness,

a dent in the emptiness
daring us into existence.

~Sarah Lilius


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your poem is awesome

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