Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Matthew and I always exchange gifts early. Mainly because we're busy with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, last night (Friday) we exchanged gifts!

Here's the downlow on what Matthew gave me (god, aren't we materialistic?!)

A nano iPod!! It's so cute, I can't stand it. That was the big gift.
Nice gold hoop earrings.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, the new one.
Meet the Fockers movie.
Napolean Dynamite movie.
Battleship game, this I thought was a little odd but he explained that I love to play games with him and thought this one would be fun, who knew?!
And in my stocking there was a $30 gift card for Best Buy and a $25 gift card for iTunes, I guess Matthew received those for buying the nano.

Right now I'm listening to Fiona Apple's new album on my own little nano!

Waiting for cinnamon rolls. I love the weekend, especially Christmas weekend.

Well, if I don't get around to posting again, everyone have a wonderful Christmas!!

That's all for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't it curious that we celebrate
a birth at the time of year when
we're surrounded by nature's time
of death. in spring we'll celebrate
a death and rebirth

4:24 PM  
Anonymous shopping said...

Cool deal.

Shopping Shirley

9:12 AM  

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