Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a good day.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Matthew and I always exchange gifts early. Mainly because we're busy with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, last night (Friday) we exchanged gifts!

Here's the downlow on what Matthew gave me (god, aren't we materialistic?!)

A nano iPod!! It's so cute, I can't stand it. That was the big gift.
Nice gold hoop earrings.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, the new one.
Meet the Fockers movie.
Napolean Dynamite movie.
Battleship game, this I thought was a little odd but he explained that I love to play games with him and thought this one would be fun, who knew?!
And in my stocking there was a $30 gift card for Best Buy and a $25 gift card for iTunes, I guess Matthew received those for buying the nano.

Right now I'm listening to Fiona Apple's new album on my own little nano!

Waiting for cinnamon rolls. I love the weekend, especially Christmas weekend.

Well, if I don't get around to posting again, everyone have a wonderful Christmas!!

That's all for now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody. Nothing new with me. So here's a poem by Sharon Olds:

Photograph of the girl

The girl sits on the hard ground,

the dry pan of Russia, in the drought

of 1921, stunned,

eyes closed, mouth open,

raw hot wind blowing

sand in her face. Hunger and puberty are

taking her together. She leans on a sack,

layers of clothes fluttering in the heat,

the new radius of her arm curved.

She cannot be not beautiful, but she is

starving. Each day she grows thinner, and her bones

grow longer, porous. The caption says

she is going to starve to death that winter

with millions of others. Deep in her body

the ovaries let out her first eggs,

golden as drops of grain.

~Sharon Olds
From The Dead and the Living

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Housewarming/Christmas Party

Today Matthew (my husband) and I are hosting a housewarming/Christmas party! Hope everything goes smoothly. We invited about 50 people and I'm frightened they will all come. But if they do, they do.

We finally purchased the house we live in a couple months ago. It's a big house with about 4-5 bedrooms. 2 1/2 bathrooms. Nice kitchen, etc. You get the picture.

Today I am posting an older poem of mine called Shunyata. Hope everyone likes it.


Shunyata, a key philosophical term of
Mahayana Buddhism, is usually translated
as the emptiness or openness of all things.

One event can mold
a necessary newness:

a glass of water evaporating,

a rubber wheel, one of twenty,

a slender finger, ivory, one of ten,

Winter comes
but sun shines on us,

a nuclear fix
to melt us into reason.

We are one, drawn into the mine
always resurfacing

to find the redness,
the diamond of yesterday.

Our golden cross on the horizon—
Godless, Jesusless, because

we know where emptiness chewed
and swallowed.

This love,
just a glance into the grandness,

a dent in the emptiness
daring us into existence.

~Sarah Lilius

Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong, Ding Dong

Yesterday I went to see King Kong, the new one. It was depressing as hell. There were parts that were exciting with beasts chasing people and all that but overall the depressing parts overtook the movie. Adrien Brody is in the movie and he is a fabulous actor (see The Pianist) so it had that going for it. Jack Black is usually funny but is an ass in this movie. Naomi Watts is the perfect blonde damsel in distress. So I sat there for three hours wondering, why am I sitting here? The popcorn was good.

News from the graduate application front, I have nine done and one to go. Unfortunately I can't finish it because they don't have the forms on the internet. I have to wait for them to come in the mail. ugh. This is Minnesota State University. Do I really want to go there anyway? It might be the only place I get into so I suppose I better apply.

Here's a funny poem today from a wonderful poet and my professor, Rebecca Wee. Be forewarned there's a bad word, oh no! :)

A Few Words on Penis Envy

I cannot believe you
believed this, did you
perhaps spend multiple boyhood hours
wishing for a delicate slit

of your own? Did you crave
such a private inside
space, something more subtle
than your own public

divining rod, twitching
with swollen sexual weather,
the public intonations
suddenly grown

obvious? Could it be, Sig,
you so wanted a cunt
with its quiet serious strength
that you could not sleep

and so one night fashioned
this curious notion, this cockeyed
conceit that dangles, silly,
in our hands?

From Rebecca Wee’s book “Uncertain Grace”.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed that. Off to the shower I must go.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First post, brand spankin new blog

Hello world,

This is my very first blog post on I previously had a blog on bowie-net but alas my good friend Bertram complained that she couldn't leave comments. So here I am making a new blog. So, Bertram, now you can comment! What some people will do for friends.

The mission of my blog to post poetry for a hostile world. The world needs poetry but does not know it. I'm here to tell you world that you need poetry!

So here's my first poem to share. It was published in the Denver Quarterly.

Into the ruins

Buddha amid dust.
This orchestra spells.

We float enchanted,
among broken seats.

Buddha holds the ruins,
he does nothing.

Dead soldiers at the altar,
bead by bead, pray faster.

The sun collapses on the temple.
War does nothing.

Fire amid Buddha.
This symphony sells.

We cannot laugh
when the blindfold is removed.

Fire will bring ash,
we will learn to hold nothing.

~Sarah Lilius

Please feel free to leave comments on the poems I post. This one's mine so be gentle, just kidding. Dish it out, I can take it. This is personally my favorite poem of my own work. It's simple but has a big message.

Today is a lazy day, I have all my graduate applications done except for one. I'm waiting for a form to come in the mail. I'm applying for a MFA in poetry for those of you who didn't know. So, I don't have anything to do except read and do laundry. Ah, the life of a poet with no job!

Right now I'm listening to the Walk The Line soundtrack. I normally loathe country music but Johnny Cash I can take. I especially like Joaquin Phoenix singing Cash which is what the soundtrack is. It also has Reese Witherspoon on it. She's okay, kinda squeaky if you ask me. But anyway, I'm a big movie buff and I saw Walk The Line recently and really enjoyed it. I think Phoenix could be up for an oscar for his portrayal of Cash.

Well, it's time for me to sign off and see what I can do with this blog of mine. Take care all.